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"Ouroboros 4"

by Gabriel Schama

A highly intricate laser cut wood sculpture.

This massive digital sculpture and artwork series is a collaboration between artists Can Büyükberber and Garbriel Schama. Gabriel Schama created 'Ourobors 4' as a centerpiece and canvas to create an entirely new work with Can Büyükberber.

About the artist

Gabriel Schama is an Oakland-based artist who uses laser-cut plywood to create densely layered forms that twist, intersect, and overlap to create compositions that are precise and expressionist. Although the design process begins digitally with complex vector illustrations, Schama’s work is brought to life by the artist’s meticulous craftsmanship. His years of experience in high-end architectural metalwork and furniture design are as evident in the impeccable construction of his work, as they are in the delicate balance of the design.