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"The Day We Left Field"

by Tundra

In 'The Day We Left Field', nature in its primary form, blades of grass, is the 'leading character'. As in a surrealist painting, the blades of grass rhythmically keep wavering upside down in a cocoon of sound and visual effects forming a floating meadow. Visitors find themselves fully immersed inside the eerie space of a dream, feeling vulnerable and at the same time aware of the open symbolism coming from seeing nature living within an urban closed landscape, a room in the heart of Manhattan. The dissonant cohabitation evokes a long list of binary oppositions, such as synthetic vs. natural, real vs. virtual, human vs. machine and so on.

The viewers experiencing the artwork, cannot help feeling that we are part of both elements in these combinations. 'The Day We Left Field' uses the force of 'digitized' nature to reflect about the delicate balance between the human and the inhuman.

About the artist

Tundra is a St.Petersburg based collaborative artist collective focused on creating spaces and experiences by exploring facets of interaction between audio/visual and human emotions. They specialize in multi-media performances and interactive audiovisual installations. Their multidisciplinary team involves musicians, sound engineers, programmers and visual artists. The team is known for works presented at festivals and museums of multi-media art in America, Europe, Russia, and Asia.