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The most fun you’ve ever had meditating.

Wed, March 11, 2020 06:30pm - 10:30pm

ZeroSpace 136 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001

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Stressed out?

InnerSpace combines the power of 5 wellness practices into one night of fun, playful after-work restoration. Our all-star roster of facilitators includes:

- Kundalini Yoga by Sarah Petroski -

- Breathwork and Grounding session by Marlene Fritzler -

- 3D Sound Journey by Flow + Tell -

- Death Meditation by Dr. Jordana Jacobs -

- Dance to end together led by Akil Apollo Davis -

Get ready to relax deeply, breathe, and hang out in our psychedelic playground with other like-minded humans.

Please arrive by 6:45 pm and wear clothes you feel comfortable in. We’ll end by 9:30 but will remain open until 10:30 for you to drink, wander and explore.


Sarah Petroski

Sarah Padmani Ajeet is a Kundalini yoga teacher and spirited fitness coach on a mission to promote habits that increase energy through the technology of yogic and exercise sport science. She found Kundalini on the journey to heal her brain in 2002 after sustaining a major snowboarding concussion. A deep dive into the lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, and evidence based sport science produced tools for cognitive recovery, happiness, and relaxation that she now loves to share with others.

Flow + Tell Sound Experience

Jonathan Stone is the Creator of Flow+Tell, a social wellness company that fuses yoga, sound meditation, and live music to cultivate conscious connection. As a musical performer, he blends different styles together, like throat singing and hand-pan into his sound meditations. Kéren Tayar is a world-touring vocalist, composer, and energy intuitive, offering immersive, guided sonic and healing experiences that invoke expansive states of consciousness and self-discovery. Together, Jonathan and Kéren combine their musical and energetic gifts to curate environments of empowerment in exploration and expansive activation.

Marlene Fritzler

Marlene is a certified yogi and outdoor aficionado. She leads private and group yoga in select styles of vinyasa flow, guiding practitioners through use of the breath and body awareness. She began her practice in 2007, ten years later traveling to India to pursue yoga as a devotional path and formally training in Ashtanga at the yoga capital of Rishikesh. She has taught in India, Hawaii, Germany, Argentina, and currently teaches in New York City.

Dr. Jordana Jacobs

Dr. Jordana Jacobs is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City. Her approach is integrative, combining psychodynamic and existential therapy into her treatment of patients. Dr. Jacobs’ training at Memorial Sloan Kettering working with terminally ill cancer patients, her studies in Northern India, and her Vipassana meditation practice inspired her research on the complex relationship between death awareness and love.

Akil Apollo Davis

Akil Apollo Davis is a full time Performing Artist and Theatre Professor. He is the co-host, mask dancer, and MC of The Get Down. He is the teacher of an extremely rare form of mask work. The intention in his dance, energy, and expression immediately, powerfully, and positively affect the ecstatic dancers traversing their physical and musical experience. Apollo will use masks for will, sexual energy, truth, joy, or diving catharsis depending on what he feels like the collective needs.

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