An immersive art playground in NYC

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The Museum

Open viewing of our digital art installations.

All ages, family-friendly
Daytime hours
$35 adults, $25 children (3-12)
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The Show

The full immersive experience with 15 actors.

18+ recommended
Night hours
$50 adults
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"This place is brilliance.. This is a place to be human again..."

M.Anthony Barrett

"It is out of this world! Mind blowing. Truly transporting."

Edward Mylechreest

"This is kind of a tough review to write as there really aren’t word for what I felt. 'WOW!' keeps coming to mind."

Erica J

"A psychedelic digital playground in the middle of Manhattan!"

Jessey White-Cinis

ZeroSpace The Museum


The Day We Left Field

by Tundra

An infinity room of rotating lasers, by Tundra

Interactive Sandbox

by Electric Playhouse

The largest augmented reality sandbox in the world.

The Big Bang

by Hybycozo

The first-ever dynamic piece from the now world-famous artist duo, Hybycozo. The 3 foot pendant features internal and external illumination, synced to music, in a room full of haze.

Interactive Floor

by Joshua Davis

A 50 ft projection mapped floor with interactive animations by the infamous Joshua Davis, best known for creating Deadmau5's Cube and designing the animation for IBM Watson on Jeopardy.


by Christopher Shardt

A 20ft radius LED installation with over 150 different animations by world-renowned LED magician, Christopher Shardt. This piece debuted as Burning Man in 2018.

Interactive Mirrors

by Zach Lieberman

6 interactive LED screens that mirror your body movements with reality-bending animations.

Geodesic Dome Shows

A 30ft geodesic dome with internal projection mapping, and custom dome shows by a roster of visual artists.


by Can Buyukberber

A giant 50ft wall with custom projection mapping on existing architecture and a laser-cut sculpture piece. Noumenon is a compilation of Can Buyukberber's last 4 year of audiovisual work and explorations.

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ZeroSpace The Show

What Is It?

The ultimate experience at ZeroSpace. A full-on immersive theatre show with 15 actors.

You, the guest, are propelled into a new reality through an interdimensional portal being investigated by a covert government agency. Once you're on the other side, you're free to explore a world designed to help you take a deep breath, and lose yourself in the immersive power of art.

Credit: Inna Shnayder
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